Friday, December 9, 2016

Shades of December

Groundhogs have burrowed over the front yard.
The hose stays frozen until mid afternoon, if it thaws at all.

Graphite, ice, beige cream, dusty yellow...
all shades of winter have taken over the scenery.

My fingers tingle with cold as I photograph December mornings.


Friday, November 18, 2016

Many Things

What a multi-interest/interesting week!

We are STILL recuperating from whatever has been making the rounds in this neck of the woods.
 I think we've about got this bug whipped.

The November "supermoon" was beautiful, as usual.
I was up and down all night gazing at it. It lit up the night, all night.

There have been a couple of freezes so far. 
We are expecting a hard freeze tonight.
The weather is much warmer than normal for this time of year.

I've been on a cap kick this week, keeping fingers busy.
These will be stacked and carted off to a charity bin when I've finally had enough.

I've never taken my crochet endeavors too seriously.
I do, however, enjoy them.

I think it is the yarn.
I like the look and the feel of the fiber.

Pies and more pies...

There's been some pre-Thanksgiving baking and planning happening this week.

Then there was a fun trip to the city and a visit to AMoA.

I'd not been to this museum and was excited about my first visit.

The college campus has grown so much since my years there.

I want to go back soon and spend more time among the displays.

This was a quick trip with my son to see the art and then
have dinner.

Looking forward to returning and staying for awhile.

 Thanksgiving week is upon us.
Planning the works this year - turkey and dressing with all the fixins. 

This time of year is just plain fun!

Hope your holiday is filled with everything wonderful.


Friday, November 11, 2016


Three days of forced closeness indoors, while sick, makes a soul hungry for fresh air.

Photos shot through a wet windshield look
like watercolors.

To view wide open spaces, smell nature, feel crisp air - 
all necessary after days of hot soup,
hot tea, crackers, bananas...

too much television, too many reruns, a bored puppy and
a bored human to revitalize

Give me freedom! with a side of nachos, please : )

Some might have called last Monday dreary,
but not I!

True - it was gray, misty, cool...
absolutely perfect autumn weather for a drive and a walk.

leaf litter harum-scarum on wet pavement

cotton bales sprawled across stubble fields

huge rolls of hay lolling on gold beds under a slate sky

and, the air smelled fabulous

It was an impetuous trip, decided on the spur of the moment.

I walked around the courthouse and down main street.

I picked up my son and saw progress on the new restaurant
where he works.

We relaxed our way through a slow lunch.

Before I knew it, late afternoon had arrived.

All in all I drove about 100 miles and
walked a couple.

A necessary respite from routine.