Friday, August 26, 2016

Santa Fe

The energized colors of New Mexico. Is it my imagination or is it reality that
when we cross the border the air becomes fresher and the colors more vibrant? 

We always stop at Cline's Corners and do a quick browse through the plastic figurines,
shot glasses, Minnetonka moccasins and leather belts.

We were hungry this trip and grabbed a salad at the shop in the back of the store.

Because of my reluctance to buy anything from a tourist trap or "made in China", we usually
do not purchase any kitsch.

Kitsch - you can find it on the road everywhere.

I was looking forward to my first Horchata. It has become a tradition of ours to
have breakfast at Los Potrillos and partake of homemade
horchata on our first day in Santa Fe.

I'd also planned on taking home some new strawberry pots for next year's plantings, but
never made it home with any new pots!

Okay - so here is reason number one to go back next spring.

: )

While wandering aimlessly through the yard at Jackalope, 
we came upon these wonderful, large pieces of petrified wood with tiny
succulents placed in the middle.

There were some even larger pieces used to border some wild sunflowers.


When we left town a couple of weeks ago to finally grab some relaxation,
I was feeling way over due.

The hotter than hot July experienced this year, watering daily - sometimes twice - simply trying to keep plants alive had plum tuckered me out.

I was almost to the point of saying "Let them die!!", but stopped short.
I can happily report that all potted plants are thriving and
I am entering the fall months with plans for planting and
chrysanthemums and pumpkins on my mind.

Both of us had mixed feelings about leaving our new baby, Nikita, at the kennel.
We managed to swallow our worry, though, and left her in good hands.
While being boarded she was caught up on all of her vaccinations.

I mentioned in a previous entry that she is a rescue pet.
We've since discovered some things about our little love that have perplexed us and
worried us. 

Her start in life must have been full of several events that traumatized her.
There have been a couple of events I want to share in the future.

Other than these mysterious reactions to events around our home, though, Nikita is thriving
and very much becoming our spoiled baby!

Back to Santa Fe.

But first, a stop at the beautiful Blue Hole in Santa Rosa.

After we checked in to the motel and unloaded luggage, it was time for fruity refreshments.

We weren't disappointed.

There was also a trip to the local Harley dealership to pick up shirts for friends and
look at the new bikes.

To the friendly gals working the front register at the Harley store, 
thanks again for all the great tips on some excellent restaurants. 

Our first whole day was spent on the Nambe Reservation.
We hiked up to the overlook to see the falls.

It was an easy hike, though there was a bit of an incline.

The cloud formations that constantly changed were nothing short of spectacular.

My interest seems to always drift skyward during our hikes.

On the way back to Santa Fe from Nambe Reservation we stopped at the Estrella del Norte vineyard and winery.

I have more photographs of this little gem, but have not edited yet!

Suffice to say, though, the Nambe falls and the winery are reasons number two to go back to New Mexico this spring!

This is where this Friday's entry ends. 
I've been a little lazy this week.

Photos have not been edited as quickly as I'd planned.

: /

We got home and continued our vacation here at home.

I am feeling fall in the air!

We are collecting supplies to start painting together.
Yikes ---
this should be interesting.

My husband, Bob, is a talented artist and says he can teach me
wet on wet technique.

Hmmmm-we shall see.

It is sure to be fun...

There are more wonderful sights and scenes to share of our
adventure this year in New Mexico.

Until next week...

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Historic, Picturesque, Colorful - Small Town Main Street

Moving day - 
somewhere over the rainbows...

Moving to uncharted territory, at least for us.

The highway to Panhandle is full of wide open spaces and vast skyscapes.

I understand, now, why my desert born and raised husband dislikes travel up North. He has told 
me there
are too many trees and he dislikes not being able to see the horizon.

I've grown very fond of our vast West Texas vistas and larger than life skies.

Trees are lovely, but they make this prairie human feel closed in.

: ) 

During the 1920s and 1930s Panhandle, Texas was home to the second largest shipping yard in the United States, next to Chicago.

In 1924 the Panhandle Inn was built as a meeting place for Panhandle's movers and shakers.

The inn served business travelers associated with the cattle, oil, and gas industries.

It closed in 1972 and has not been open since that time.

You can read more about this historic place at

I fell in love with the romance of bygone eras when I was a child.

I've always been enchanted with the history of the old West.
I grew up watching western sitcoms and movies and often pretended I was living
in the 1800s while riding my horse.

This old abandoned inn is a photographer's dream. 

It was impossible not to think about the early 20th century cattle and oil barons
meeting in the motel of this old western town.

Photographing the old inn stirred all kinds of emotions and feelings.

I am hoping the old building can be saved.
It is such a shame to lose our history!

Tried to spot wildlife in the playa that sits on the outskirts of town.

It was a treat to get to tour the old Buffalo Grass Restaurant  on Main Street.

There are some wonderful old historic photos displayed on the walls, along with
souvenirs of days gone by.

This is one of the back walls of what is going to be a beer garden in the back of the cafe.

Nikita and I treated ourselves to a walk down main street and enjoyed the front door
displays along the way.

The colors and arrangements were inviting and lovely.

The old brick streets are lovely.

Dinner time...

Salmon baked on a plank and stir fried brussel sprouts will do.

Looking forward to going back to Panhandle and visiting many more times!

: )

Don't slam the door!