Friday, October 21, 2016

North by North

We made our way to Dallas Fort Worth area last week to see family and
take a look around.

North Texas to North Texas...

We now have a new, regular place to stop on our journeys to DFW.

A darling winery in Childress, Texas!

The winery is beautiful and the grapes are grown locally.

Well, why not take home a six pack of good Texas wine?

: )

I always MUST ogle the creative and pretty gardens dotted around each place we stop.

gaze and linger and dream...

Then, we were on our way to another one of our regular stops - 

Dang Good (Valley Pecans)

We've watched Valley Pecans grow through the years from a humble little nut shack to

a deli/gift shop/candy/cookbooks/wine/all things PECANS shop.

Man, not only are their pecans dang good, so are the sandwiches!

One place that is always a must see is the Dallas arboretum. 

It was crowded this visit - lots of moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas and 

Dallas Cowboys fans! : )

The butterflies and bees were abundant.

crape myrtles, huge magnolias, oaks...

I've seen some talented gardeners grow magnolias up here in the frozen north part of Texas,
 but not on the scale of the grand beauties that grow down south.

Fields of color jump out at the eye.

Scents of flora seep into what will become memories.

If I lived in Dallas I'd probably find myself at the arboretum every week.

Even the squirrels that live in the gardens are plump and spoiled.

My brother fixes the best food while we visit, and it is always a surprise.

It could be anything from fresh caught fish from the Gulf to bohemian chili.

This year he smoked 6 racks of ribs, duck sausage and elk sausage.

He makes duck confit that I've never tried, but would love to taste one of these years.

By far, I was more impressed with the taste of the duck sausage than the elk sausage.

All those racks of ribs were shared with neighbors, along with potato salad 
and smoked beans.

He started the smoking process on the old school wood smoker and finished on the Traeger.

Now, I think a Traeger fits the bill for me.

Looks like something I could do - plug in and go to town with the smoking!

It was good to see everyone and catch up.

I don't like large doses of large cities and the bumper to bumper traffic scares me.

The occasional adrenaline rush and uneasiness of being in crowds of people
are small prices to pay for time with family.


Sunday, October 9, 2016

October Magic

So many October chores...
all thoroughly enjoyable...

Rescued the Amaryllis bulbs from the garage -
forgotten over the spring and summer months.

They are sprouting once again!

A trip to the greenhouse to buy bulbs for planting

Walked through the rows and rows of mums, pansies, pumpkins...

We've been doing some tree trimming.

Some of the bigger limbs are going to be used for cozy autumn fires.

We've been slowly building our atelier.

I'm so excited about it!